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Kiss of Death mailserver error

Please do not worry. Kiss of Death is not a virus and will not harm your system or your files. The Kiss of Death happens in the POP3 (incoming) server when it detects a second copy of the server running against the same mailbox. This can happen if your last mail session was not disconnected properly or completely or is connecting twice at the same time.

You can simply exit your mail client and the restart the whole mail download process. This should clear the error. You might need to re-enter your password at the prompt provided when you re-connect.

F-Secure: There is no virus by this name

However, we sometimes get queries about this, as some mail clients (notably Netscape Mail) displays an error message like this:

The POP3 server responded:
Received Kiss of Death
Please enter a new password

This means that the mailbox has been opened more than once concurrently. This commonly occurs when, while in the process of downloading new mail, a second request for new mail is made. The second request is often made by mail reader software's "auto-check" feature. The is especially true when your mail file is unusually large. This can be avoided simply by setting the mail reader software to not automatically check for mail.

This also may occur by manually checking for new mail while still in the process of downloading mail from a previous request for new mail -- For example, repeatedly clicking the "Get Mail" button. Also, notably, when the Netscape Mail window is initially opened, a single request is made to get all new mail. Clicking the "Get Mail" button while this is first request is being processed causes the mailbox to be opened a second time. Viola! The "Kiss of Death."

Other possibilities

We have also noticed that this may occur when a big mail is coming in and has not completely been stored in your mailbox while you are downloading your emails.

In a nutshell

Disable your mail reader's "auto-check" feature, make a single request to get new mail, wait for the process to complete, and avoid very large mail attachments.

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